Shooting Schedule

example of typical schedule

Depending on the size of your school and the amount of people to photograph we will define the relevant number of shooting days.
From there we will ask you to create a precise schedule containing time slots for each class and staff groups.

time slots reference:
From our experience during the past years: For each class/homeroom we need ±1 minute per individual portrait, ±10 minutes for the group photos (depending on the selected location) and ±5 minutes of logistics/buffer time.

i.e. for a class of 20 students:
5 minutes welcoming/arranging people
+ (20x1minute) 20 minutes shooting portraits + 10minutes for the class
= 35 minutes total

Here is an example (ask for our spreadsheet template) of a typical shooting day for your reference:

We can put additional time slots after school hours to shoot portraits of siblings/ family or staff whenever practical. (nb: The staff/faculty portraits and groups are made at no cost if included within the students shooting day(s). In case you need our team to come on different dates, extra shooting days will be charged.)

Once the shooting schedule is confirmed we’ll provide you with content to help families preparing for Picture Day!