On Shooting Day – Portraits

  • Be nice ! Engage with students to get the best portraits. Keep talking with subject, making him/her feel comfortable.
  • Only shoot as much as you need : we aim at offering 4-6 final images to parents so shoot a maximum of 8-10 photos per person (except ‘difficult’ cases).
  • It is important to get a small smile (no teeth, mouth closed) and a large smile (teeth) for each. We need at least 1 ‘closed mouth’ option for every student. If you can’t get both smiles, get variations in head and/or body positions.
  • It can be difficult to even get a smile sometimes. Try different positions to get enough options. i.e. The ‘regular’ 3/4 position, then facing camera (‘turn the shoulders/swing your knees to the side…’)
  • If student wants to wear a hat, or any other prop, let him/her do but make sure you get options without it.