process & time frame

process & time frame


At Picture Day, we make the process of capturing high-quality portraits and group shots easy and stress-free for your school. Our team works closely with your team to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Here’s how we work: Consultation: We will work with you to create a shot list and schedule based on your school calendar, including scouting locations if necessary.

Shooting: We provide all the necessary equipment and set up a studio with one or several shooting stations in one of your rooms to capture the portraits. Our experienced photographers work with each student to achieve a pose that will be perfect for use in the school yearbook. We typically capture about 200 subjects per day per shooting station. Depending on the size of the school, we can use multiple shooting stations to minimize the number of shooting days and reduce disruption to school activities.

Processing and Delivery: Once the shooting is done, we process the images, crop them, and organize them according to your system’s requirements. We then send you the processed images with your preferred background. After orders are taken, we will deliver the prints and digital packages to parents in approximately 5 weeks. We also deliver the processed images to the school in approximately two weeks, organized and named according to your system’s requirements, making it easy for you to access and use the images in your school’s yearbook and student profiles.


We understand that timing is important, and we work hard to deliver our services as quickly as possible. The period of the shooting will depend on the number of students and staff members to portray. Please contact us if you have any questions about our process or time frame. We’re happy to help!

about us

about us

Who We Are

Picture Day is a well-established school photography provider located in Hanoi, Vietnam, catering to clients throughout Vietnam for almost 10 years.

Our Services

Our photography services include yearbook portraits, group photos, but also sibling portraits, and sport teams photography. Our experienced photographers capture each student’s unique personality, ensuring that each portrait is special and memorable. We also capture portraits of school’s staff and teams to ensure that each yearbook reflects the school’s culture and values.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of products that showcase our clients’ memories. We sell pictures online in many different formats, from single photo paper prints to frames, mugs, phone cases, and more. We also offer custom background options to suit all tastes, making sure that every photo is unique and special.

Our Clients

We have a close relationship with schools and their communities, and our presence in the region allows us to accommodate clients’ schedules and unique needs. Our team is fluent in English, French, and Vietnamese, and we tailor our choice of photographers to each school to ensure optimal communication and a smooth process.

Our portfolio includes prestigious international schools such as the United Nations International School Hanoi (UNIS), British Vietnamese International School Hanoi (BVIS Hanoi, Nord Anglia), Hanoi International School (HIS), St. Paul American School Hanoi, ISHCMC American Academy (AAVN), ISHCMC, European International School HCMC (EIS), Reigate Grammar School Vietnam (formerly ISV Hanoi), St. Mary’s International School Hanoi, ABCIS HCMC, British InternationaI School HCMC (BIS HCMC, Nord Anglia), British InternationaI School Hanoi (BIS Hanoi, Nord Anglia), The Olympia Schools Hanoi, Concordia International School Hanoi, Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin Hanoi (LFAY, AEFE), American International School HCMC (AISVN) and Vientiane International School (VIS).

Our Future Plans

In the coming years, we plan to expand our services to other Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Laos. While we are not ready to offer our services in these regions just yet, we are working hard to make sure we can accommodate our clients’ needs in the near future. Stay tuned!

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to discuss your next school photo session, and let us capture your precious moments in the most memorable way possible.

why choose us ?

why choose us ?

Capturing Memorable Moments and Showcasing Academic Excellence for Free!

At Picture Day, we are dedicated to capturing your school’s most memorable moments. We understand the importance of high-quality photography in preserving these cherished memories. Here’s why you should choose us for your photography needs:

What’s In It For The School?

We offer a consistent series of high-quality photographs for each student, including class photos and team group shots if desired. By partnering with us, your school will have access to exceptional yearbook photos that reflect the academic excellence your institution stands for. The best part? It’s all completely free of charge! Our commitment to providing professional photography services at no cost ensures that your school can showcase its care and dedication to excellence without any financial burden.

What’s In It For Parents and Students?

We go beyond capturing beautiful smiles; we offer a wide range of affordable prints and digital packages that allow parents and students to cherish memories that last a lifetime. Our products are customizable to suit your preferences, with various background options, sizes, and printing media. Additionally, we provide convenient services such as optional home delivery, custom editing of images, on-demand retouching, special framing, and more. Our goal is to make the experience of preserving and showcasing these precious memories as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Let us help you capture your school’s precious moments.

Showcasing Academic Excellence and School Pride

By choosing our free yearbook photography service, you are not only capturing memories but also actively showcasing the academic excellence and school pride that define your institution. Our professional photographers capture the dedication, hard work, and success stories of your students, reflecting the values and achievements of your school. These high-quality yearbook photos serve as a testament to the exceptional educational journey your students embark on, leaving a lasting impression on prospective families and stakeholders.

In addition to the free yearbook photography service, we can also organize special portrait sessions for siblings, further fostering a sense of community and inclusivity within your school. This attention to detail and personalized approach enhances the overall experience for parents, students, and staff alike.


At Picture Day, we are committed to providing outstanding photography services that capture your school’s most memorable moments. By choosing us, your school can benefit from a consistent series of high-quality photographs, reflecting academic excellence and showcasing school pride, all free of charge. Parents and students will appreciate our affordable prints and digital packages, allowing them to cherish memories for a lifetime. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you preserve and showcase the beauty of your school’s journey.

Get in touch with us to discuss your photography needs today.